Wet Weather Information

Coaches and Managers


The NDCA/NDJCA Wet Weather Committee determines if grounds should be closed for cricket.

If it has been wet/raining all week, the Wet Weather committee may cancel all weekend games on Friday and post an announcement on the NDCA/NDJCA websites.

If the Executive decides that grounds are open on Friday afternoon, but there is bad weather between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, the wet weather committee will make the determination to close grounds FOR JUNIORS by 7:30am Saturday morning, depending on the amount and timing of the rain. Once the decision is made the NDJCA secretary will ensure that a notice is placed on the websites and all club secretaries are emailed.

SENIORS use the same process however the decision can be as late as about 12:00pm on Saturday. AGAIN, DO NOT ASSUME THAT BECAUSE THE JUNIORS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED, THAT THE SENIORS ARE ALSO CANCELLED !!!

Once the club secretary is advised, he will then post a notice on the Rovers website, and SMS/email coaches and managers. It is the responsibility of the coaches/manager to then inform the players/parents in their teams.

DECISION PROCESS - If no notification by Saturday

If the wet weather committee does not call off a match then it is left to the discretion of the coaches, captains or umpire to determine whether play is possible at each venue. YOU MUST GO TO THE GROUND or it will be considered a forfeit.

Note: See playing conditions 1.2 (extract below)

"If matches which have not been called off but a condition of the weather, pitch or ground, causes a difference of opinion whether a match will proceed or not and agreement cannot be reached between the two teams, then the state of affairs existing at the time of the question arising shall continue, provided always that common sense prevails and due consideration has been given to the possibility of injury to players or damage to Association equipment or grounds.

If there is any dispute, the game should not start or must continue if already commenced. Any protests regarding delayed starts shall be reported in accordance with Rule 2.4.

Regardless of conditions at other grounds, the results of played matches shall stand subject to the outcome of any protests."

DECISION PROCESS - Bad Weather During Games

Extract from NDJCA playing conditions - Thunder and Lightning

1.2 Weather and Grounds

If lightning and thunder is observed within 30 seconds of each other, everyone is to leave the field. No one should return to the field for 30 minutes after last incident, including any incident prior to the start of the game.